Vision & Mission...

KANTI realizes that much needs to be done to educate the lay public on the rising incidence of renal failure in the country, in particular, and the world in general. Diabetes, hypertension and changed lifestyle habits are mainly responsible for the increased incidence. KANTI is committed to increasing awareness about this and, thus, help in reversing this alarming trend.

The cost of dialysis is another major cause for worry. Most patients just cannot afford dialysis, and KANTI is working with multinationals and Indian manufacturers to try and reduce the cost of dialysis machines and the disposables that are required in dialysis.

KANTI has entered into an agreement with a US based company to import refurbished dialysis machines and to set up satellite dialysis centres either as stand-alone stations or in already established hospitals, thus bringing more cities and its citizens the convenience of dialysis closer to home.

KANTI is also providing teaching facilities to surgeons and physicians from India and abroad so that they can go back and offer dialysis and transplants to their countrymen. KANTI doctors performed 5 transplants in Jullundur, Punjab, which encouraged the local doctors to start their own transplant program there. KANTI doctors also performed transplants in Bangladesh and showed how 2 transplants could be done the same day!

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